at 5:39 pm
Feb 20th, ‘12

Seriously just googled “what are cool things to do in portland?” for my birthday. I was gonna have my friends sleep over, go in the hot tub, then hangout Saturaday, but now we might just skip the sleep over cause it’s stressful for my madre and I could have my friends over anytime for the hot tub. Mmm. I’d love to go to a glass blowing studio, but those places are expennnsssiiiive. And I’m sick of shopping and I’ve already been to the Japanese and Chinese gardens. Today I’ve read Hamlet, lied down for some odd hours, felt exhausted (despite sleeping deeply last night and taking a two hour nap yesterday), talked to my mom, and did laundry.

  1. matinal said: Glass blowing is also HOT. But very worth it. Make sure you wear all cotton is you decide to do it and go with a sense of adventure.
  2. pitane said: HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY, MASHIE POO. Of course, I’ll be back in six days to say the whole thing all over again ;). Just to remind you of how grand you are, any old age. Have you succeeded in discovering cool things to do in Portland?
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