pitane: OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD. THERE IS A GIANT OCTOPUS FOR THE CONTENT PAGE AND EACH ARM LEADS TO A NEW PAGE FILLED WITH AMAZING TREASURES. AND OH MY GOD, WHEN YOU HOVER THERE ARE SPEARS AND STUFF. IT IS LIKE A MINI PIRATE'S TREASURE MAP COME ALIVE BEFORE YOUR VERY EYES. WHOOOOOOAAAAA. I love everything, your artwork, the wood bg, the torn paper textures, it just feels like I'm sitting at your desk top, looking at all the nice lovely things scattered on it and not wanting to change a thing at all <3.


I kid you not as I was uploading everything and double checking it all worked, I was thinking I bet Amber’ll notice all these small, important details. <3

  1. pitane said: OBVSLY I would be a significant contribution to your mad ingenuity. We complete each other, like jumpers and Martin Freeman (YES I WEAR THIS ANALOGY OUT. HAHA WEAR OUT. PUNS) and Martin’s nights will be colder w/o his jumper to keep him warm at night
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