Concept sketches for final in drawing class. I can draw whatever I want but it has to include a famous piece of art which should take up only 1/3rd of my drawing and match my theme. Or I could chose to do one of the other assignments, surrealism or self portrait, but I think this is more interesting…and harder. I just hope I’ll finish it in time.

LOOK! A THEME! I worked on this for hours today and I’m still not done. X(

Painting attempts, life update

April 24th, 2012 
at 4:11 pm

Yesterday was seventy degrees and, after months of overcast weather and rain, it was sweltering hot for my cold adjusted body. I spent the day outdoors, reading, and trying out my new watercolor paints.

Unfortunately the flat canvases I have seem to soak up water, and don’t work well at all for watercolors. I thought I wouldn’t have to buy watercolor painting blocks, but it seems I have to. It’s not the paints themselves - they’re Reeves brand, but all reviews say they’re good, even though they’re for beginners.

I was sorta put off that they’re watercolor paints in tubes versus the regularly used dry watercolor paint pallets that you have to mix with water, but they have a nice consistency and color. The only difference between watercolor and acrylic (that I noticed) is that watercolor paint is more runny, and it dries faster.

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at 11:00 pm
Jan 29th, ‘12

I had an idea a while back to paint something for my cousin as a 20th birthday gift. I stewed around a bit on the thought cause I wasn’t sure what to paint for her exactly. I was also skeptical since she bought a big canvas for my older sister to work on, to do a  nature scene that she can hang up in her new house. Not as a gift but a commission of sorts aha. I didn’t want to paint another nature scene and make it seem like I was jealous that she wasn’t asking me to paint for her, but then I had a thought: she’s always loved mermaids, so why not paint one for her? Granted it’ll be small, mainly because I don’t have the time to complete a larger piece (her birthday’s on the 31st).

First stage of the painting…

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