I zinc I love you <3.

Oh how tantalum-ing you are. ;P

hobbitin shush: i sulfur when you argon <3

I sulfur when I’m argon too. As in my sanity, because it is finals week, which are a total boron and I promise to take my anxiety feels after this week and barium and then we can get our radon ;)

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You don’t have to go online, cakes <3. I can e-mail you and then when you…

Do I care? DO I CARE?! PSH! I’ll reenact the Rechienbach fall for you if you’d like ya jerk! And I’ll even be Sherlock if that helps any. Besides all that I appreciate the get out of jail card, but maybe I’ll never reply to that email as it is, because just for that comment on “caring” I don’t think you deserve it ;P

Also, I know you don’t have to write the same story for NaNoWriMo, but I was wondering if you can, cause I have inspiration for my same sci-fi series again? Idk. I for some reason thought that ~ * wasn’t allowed * ~ but I may be making this all up. Maybe I’ll write one of my short stories? Though what that is I have no clue. I mean, I sorta do, but not really. Eh. I was supposed to go to Michaels today but turns out the 40% off coupon expired yesterday and I’ll just wait and go later this week when a new coupon comes out. I’ll just go watch Downton Abbey with my dad. :) (lol useless information is useless)

~ Waiting for your email! Also we really need to have that mega chat with all our ladies someday soon.

You don’t have to go online, cakes <3. I can e-mail you and then when you have time, e-mail me back?

Okay, dooo ittttt! (Be forewarned that it might take me forever a while to reply, especially since I still haven’t replied to your last email >.>)

hobbitin shush: WHERE ART THOU, MASHIE :(? I need my writing support group! I am having so much trouble getting through NanoWri's daily word count because I am stumped! Stumped!

I actually haven’t re-activated my account/sold my soul yet to it this year, but I might…? Idk. Tomorrow I might be busy but I’ll still try to come on and talk! Even if I don’t do NaNoWriMo this year I have been in the mood to write lately.

hobbitin shush: A little baby elephant stumbles into your askbox, holding a small letter in his mouth. He hands the note to you, “I love you. You are a wonderful, loved person." Pass it on to the first ten peasants on your dash.

Aww and this makes it even better because I love elephants. <3

hobbitin shush: 12 (YOU NATURE CHILD! IT'S OKAY TO BE UNABASHED IN THE FRUITFULNESS OF NATURE :D), 21, and 56! Also 1. And also 8. I care about your music taste just as much as I care about your communion with mother nature.

Hi Ambeeeer! ^_^

1: Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed?

This is actually the question I most wanted someone to ask! My sister and I took our closet doors out. We’ve been meaning to put up curtains instead, but that hasn’t happened yet, and we planned it years ago! So currently they are permanently open, but when I was young my closet used to scare me a bit so I would almost always close it.

8: Do you have freckles?

No I have no freckles, though I think I may be getting some on my back from sun exposure and acne damage/something or other?

12: Have you ever peed in the woods?

Yes I have, and my cousin and brother were walking my way and they didn’t know I was peeing and I was too embarrassed to say anything so I quickly pulled up my pants and thus peed myself. Yeeeeah.

21: Whats your least favorite movie?

Uhh I don’t really know honestly. I remember I saw this one movie before that was a total waste of time and failed it’s expectations completely but that was ages ago and I don’t know the name anymore or even the plot. This summer I finished "Transsiberian" for the first time and it was just so unnecessarily gruesome and the main characters were so, so stupid it was infuriating. So that’s currently my least favorite movie, I think.

56: Occupations you wanted to be when you were a kid?

A vet! :) I loved animals and still do! And I know at one point I wanted to be a painter, and a professional musician, and I think an ice skater. And I think an animal trainer, circus or otherwise. Oh and a pastry chef. And I’ve debated about being an astronaut and how cool would that be because one of my then close friends wanted to be one.


Thanks, Amber! Hey hey help me out? I’m gonna send you the link and password so you can give me some advice because I am going bonkers

hobbitin shush: Hi cakes. What kdrama are you watching atm that even your brother finds engaging? I TOO MUST KNOW.

Omg tumblr keeps doing this. >.< Sorry I didn’t see you message until now. It’s called Protect The Boss! And the main character is this young lady who’s been poor all her life basically and she was a rebel type of person in high school and got into fights and etc. And while the fighting scenes are super cheesy in the drama I really like it because it has such funny moments and, recently, some really sad ones too where older people are crying and it makes me want to cry too. Basically she gets a job as a secretary for this huge business company and she has to be the secretary/babysitter/guardian of the owner’s son, who has agoraphobia and is a complete idiot at times, but he’s not all bad. And things happen, there’s a love triangle, and she basically becomes more and more entangled with this business and it’s people both professionally and personally. You can find it on Hulu, along with tons of other kdramas. I got into it all because four of close friends basically forced me to haha

hobbitin shush: I was looking through my 'Mashie' tags and I burst into hideous giggles. I miss you <3. Now come back to me, you whore.

Well excuse me, butt cheek, if tumblr thinks it’s funny to not notify me about your messages. :P

hobbitin shush: A long, long, long time ago, I watched the first anime adaptation of FMA but I never finished it. Have you watched FMA: Brotherhood and what are your thoughts on it? I heard a lot of people say how amazing it is, but I feel like I'd be more persuaded if it came from a certain special person. Named Mashie :). Did you receive my fanmail? I hope it didn't get swallowed up by Tumblr!

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is one of my favorite animes and one of the best animes (in my opinion, as well as many others’)! I think the first adaption was just called Fullmetal Alchemist. My brother and I watched that one first, and it’s completely different from Brotherhood, and not in a good way (the ending was ridiculous). I’ve heard that FMA: Brotherhood follows the manga’s storyline more, though I don’t know for sure because I’ve never read the mange (I’m working on that now.) The plotline and many major details of the stories are completely different in both anime adaptions - they’re almost separate stories, in that sense. So yes. WATCH FMA: BROTHERHOOD. DO IT NOW. It’s so good and has so many good characters (male and female) and plot twists and I love it!

And yes I did get your fanmail, but tumblr didn’t notify me of it. I just saw it right now for the first time when I went to view this message. I’ll try to respond soon! I can’t guarantee anything, though, cause my thoughts are very float-y today and I can’t concentrate on anything.

hobbitin shush: TALK TO ME ABOUT YOUR ATLA FEELS. I am suffering from Mashie withdrawal symptoms!

How to even begin about ATLA….I wished I had watched it as a kid, I know I would have adored it. I LOVE uncle Iroh so much, it’s ridiculous. He’s badass, funny, and kind - the perfect package! He’s one of my favorite characters, along with Sokka, Toph, Zuko, Aang, Katara, and Azula (there are so many possibilities and concepts for the way she ticks, and her past and future was so unclear, mainly cause it focused on Zuko more. I’d love to find out more about her). So pretty much all the characters are my favorites haha. I’ll just ramble on now….

I like how Aang defeated the Fire Lord; that whole fight scene was just plain awesomeness. The idea of taking someone’s bending away was an interesting plot twist. I like how they used Sokka’s character as more than just comic relief, and his moments of pure comic relief were good comic relief. Of course, the show being aimed towards a younger audience, the plot line and timing of things was almost always unrealistic/cheesy, but I didn’t mind that so much - it was nice to just watch a kids show for once, a change of pace in a sense. And let’s not forget the awesomeness that is Toph! At first she annoyed me (especially her voice) but she really grew on me and she just continued to prove what a badass she is.

And though Katara’s motherly tendencies could get aggravating at times, I see her as the strongest character as far as mentality goes. She never gives up, and on top of that she became one kickass waterbender even after so many obstacles stood in her way, and who can argue with that? She’s a great character and she (along with Sokka) holds the group together. And Zuko was infuriating at first but when his story and past became more and more clear, it was impossible not to like him. Plus he’s hilarious, with all his social issues, the poor dude. And I’m not even gonna start about Uncle Iroh - I’m sure you agree with me that he is one of the best characters in the history of the world. All that loitering around, pretending to be an ignorant, senile old man who only cared for Mahjong and tea, when secretly he’s an esteemed member of a secret organization, one of the best benders in the fire nation, wise and smart, and he truly loves Zuko. GAH I JUST WANNA HUG HIM!

I liked the plot twist with Avatar Roku and the Fire Lord having been friends in the past, and how Roku met his death. Also when Appa got stolen, that was another good plot twist. In a way (and no matter how much I love Appa) I think it helped the story along. I know I have more to say, but right now I can’t think of anything. I’m sure I’ll get pumped up with ATLA feels again before this day is over :)

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hyacinths have a really strong smell and I bet they’d make lovely smelling oils. the necklace ideas sound so cool! good luck on your driving test mashie.

Hi, Naoise! I think I might of seen hyacinths…

Luck is on your side, Mashie! As soon as you get in that driver’s seat, you’ll be breezing through the streets like a natural born classy lady. It’s so hard to convince people to not be nervous the first time because even now, I still get nervous driving, but once you get into the gist of it, you will do fine. I hope you get a good teacher though- a patient and understanding teacher always makes driving a little less intense! I still have random de ja vu moments when my sister’s boyfriend was teaching me and my siblings would be sitting in the backseat screaming and clinging onto the edges of their seats and every time there was a stop sign, they’d readjust their seatbelts to make sure they were securely harnessed.

Siblings are so dramatic.

You bet I will! I remember when my older brother first started driving. My siblings and I would always make a big deal, and act like we were about to die. And sometimes we really were making a big deal for good reasons, and possibly we were about to die. O_O My older sister has been driving for a bit now, but I still can’t fully relax when I’m in the car with her because there are just certain driving mannerisms and stuff that everyone has, you know? And she sometimes relies on me to be her GPS and that is just not cool.

So far I know I need to work on three things: merging (‘Gradually’, I tell myself), parking (parallel as well as regular, lawd), and taking corners more smoothly and not like a racing demon! And then I’m sure I’ll be fine for that test.

And yes, siblings are dramatic, and don’t I know it. How many siblings do you have? I know you have a sister, but I for some reason thought she was your only sibling, I never knew you had more (I make it sound as if you had them hidden in a basement somewhere haha)

hobbitin shush: Mashie, have you ever watched Avatar: The Last Airbender or Legend of Korra? If you haven't, YOU MUST. YOU, THE MISSING PIECE TO COMPLETE THE JIGSAW OF MY HEART. MY WOOLY COZY KNITTED JOHN WATSON JUMPER. Also, I've persuaded Naoise to watch it so now I'm on a life changing mission to make sure everyone that I love loves the same things I do <3. Which is a selfish motive but a SELFISH MOTIVE IN THE NAME OF LOVE.

Actually for a while I’ve been thinking about asking my brother if he wanted to start watching it. lol I asked him last night, I think we’ll start watching soon. I’ve been seeing Legend of Korra stuff everywhere on tumblr and it looks super good. I’ve never seen Avatar: The Last Airbender, though I meant to start it ages ago. You posting all those Korra gifs and photosets and graphics and lamenting about all the cool sounding characters….You have slowly trapped me into your net. ;P Don’t tell me it wasn’t intentional.

hobbitin shush: There's a cavity in my chest that can only be filled with the sweetness of all that is MASHIE. I'm gonna stop telling you OMGZ IM TOTALLY GONNA SEND YOU AN EMAIL RN!111!!!! and instead tell you that YOU WILL GET THAT EMAIL. YOU WILL GET IT SOON. SOON. SOON. After midterms. Which are butts. Everything is butts, but you are not butts <3.

I knew you would send me a message, I saw you on twice today. I’m just that good. ;P And I am nuts (rhymes with ‘butts’). Also, contrary to what you may think, I do have a butt….Gosh Amber get it right.

I’m tired. Off to watch kdrama with my brother. AND WHEN I GET BACK I BETTER SEE AN EMAIL FROM YOU IN MY INBOX!!!! Gurrrl you best do it. I tried to make a tumblr theme today but I lack the motivation.